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Palo Pallas featured article in
Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Designs remain secret until July 22, 10 Gala Event

Heads Up Alabama Project presented by Alabama Psychological Association Foundation. Selected by jury Pallas is one of 20 Alabama artists to produce large head shaped sculptures to travel parts of Alabama.
Opening Gala Event July 22, 10
Birmingham’s Downtown Public Library

Reading Chairs included in "ALIAS: ESTABLISHED & EMERGING ARTISTS"

LiteBox Gallery
Friday, May 14, 2010
5:00pm - 9:00pm
2825 2nd Avenue
Birmingham, AL

Divine Friends # 12 chosen for exhibition:

Meridian Museum of Art 19th Annual People’s Choice Exhibition
May 12 – July 10
Museum Hours:
Wed-Sun 11 AM – 5 PM

"Spirit Sticks" Series Returns

Photo by Deborah Thornhill Photography

Welcome to the Website of Palo Pallas

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank you viewer, for being a part of my art.

Ultimately it is you who completes any endeavor in the arts. Without you and your interest in the works of art created: I as an artist, am like the tree that falls in the woods, do I make a sound? No. But I make a vibration and via the butterfly effect, I feel that every thing that I do has a direct influence upon the world in which I live. It is therefore my responsibility as a Maker of Art, to insure that what I am creating influences in the most positive way that I can, for all of us.

Intro to Palo Pallas:

I wish,
But to think.
I think,
But to do.
I do,
But to be.
I am.

I received this poem, one night while at Old Town Music Hall, sometime in the late 70's. It came to me quick and in tack (as poems frequently had back then); and par for the course, these poems, especially this one seemed to carry a message for me.

This particular poem pretty much sums up exactly who I am, even today, 30 years later.

I am consumed with learning and with creating.

In the mid 80's I was introduced to the concept of the "power of the mind", via tapes by Nightingale-Conant Corporation, given to me by my Mother. The tapes I received contained a philosophy that has been written about throughout time. Listening to them, I was enlightened to this philosophy's use today by professional business persons and athletes: and I wanted in on it.

Because it was such an interesting philosophy I began to searched out other writings on the subject. This was the beginning of a life long study of the power of the mind and the beginning of the influence of this philosophy on my art.

Each of my many series is influenced by this philosophy: you get (or are) what ever you believe, or think...what you allow your mind to focus on. I focus on creating works of art that have energies designed to positively influence the viewer; and myself, as I create it.

Just as the poem above, my many series: from Acrylic Paintings; Altered Books; and even my Experimental art works; in mediums often not meant for the purposes in which I use them, are seemingly coming out of thin air, or actually, I believe, divine intervention: because I desire this direction* and believe I will receive it.

*An innocent request recently by Vamp and Tramp Bookseller, for me to use books pertaining to the 19th century American Authors for some Reading Chairs, lead to my newest series; and one of the most exciting to me yet: the creation of The "Reading Chair Portrait".

This allowing myself to be lead by "the All that Is", results in my body of work having a number of series in a variety of mediums. I work with any materials that achieves my artistic goals: whether in paintings; sculptures or portraits. Upon close observation, one may see how my many series are interrelated.

I find this personally entertaining; expresses my many interest; and is advantageous to my physical health... but mostly: gives me great satisfaction during the process of creating.

My works of art, I believe, have a message which I am compelled to relate ...even if at the time of their inception, I am not sure what this message is. Eventually it is revealed to me, although sometimes years after their creation.

I hope you enjoy today's viewings; and will come back often to see new works, evolutions, and developments.